I love it when a plan comes together! This is the first of many collaboration projects that I, Ricky Codio and my amazing team of artists plan to release this year! This is our first soiree into stylized wedding photography. Coming together with different collaborators who are all very good at their respective professions, we bought “the Enchanted Garden” vision to life— cultivating a different look and feel to a traditional wedding. We partnered with My Next Soiree Philadelphia who provided the aesthetics of the Enchanted Garden themed photoshoot. She exceeded my expectation of the concepts we discussed—from beautiful and bright backdrops to realistic looking flowers and trees growing around an elegant chair that time seemed to have forgotten. She effortlessly created the bright red roses that cover the walls of the garden where our model Aleeya McFadden gracefully posed in front of; even the small pieces added a simple but very important touch to the overall theme of the Enchanted Garden.

Let’s be honest, the most important part of any wedding day is the gown(s)! Each gown, provided by Philadelphia Bridal Company, told a story and that is exactly what stylist Yoko Jak wanted to convey as the lead stylist on this project. In order to showcase the different ways a bride can express themselves on the most memorable day of their life some might say; Yoko switched the style of each look to complement the narrative of each set change. From timeless elegance to sexy and fun, each look would easily be in everyone’s top picks for their special day.

Now every woman’s special day requires a good makeup artist, and luckily we have one of the best! Jacen Bowman of is not new to the bridal scene, he has a long list of bridal clientele who can all say that #JacenToldMe ( his signature tagline).  Jacen worked off of Yoko our stylist and the different sets to deliver bold and elegant bridal makeup. Jacen is a true artist who knew how to switch up looks to show off the varying moods that the project required to help push the narrative along.

JustBBeautiful also outdid herself! As a veteran in the bridal business, Mia B Wilson specializes in bridal hair and has the ability to bring any idea to life. “B” was able to do a nice elegant braid updo hairstyle with her own added twist that complimented the different sets and makeup. If you ever spend more then two minutes with B Wilson, you’ll know that she puts her all her enthusiastic energy into her work; it definitely showed through her interesting take via the Enchanted Garden.

To capture the look and feel, I wanted to focus on more of a natural light and my Paul C Bluff Einstein strobe light that I used added plenty of fill-light. I wanted the look of a sunny day for the first look, and more of a studio look for the second look to bring out the bright colors of the red roses on set. Working with model Aleeya McFadden who I’ve worked with in the past, I  was able to effortlessly bring the vision to life. With every flash of the camera, Aleeya gracefully evoked different poses that depicted the varying stories and styles we wanted to bring in the Enchanted Garden.